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How retail makes a bigger impact


Cause marketing isn’t just an altruistic endeavor, it’s also good for business. It actually influences the way customers perceive your relationship. Studies show 85% of us view a product or brand more positively when it supports a cause we care about, and 79% would even switch brands if it was cause affiliated. 

This is why we believe businesses should offer impact at every customer interaction. Adding value without cost.

Top brands invest in cause-related promotions because they work and because they make a huge difference in the quality of relationships they build. Social businesses like TOMS Shoes have proven that customers will choose to spend more if they are also receiving social value. Since cause marketing changes perceptions and behaviors at a lower cost then alternatives, huge brands invest in social programs.

Until now, there have been very few ways for smaller businesses to create impact. And even less ways to do it without huge investments, management overhead, accounting burdens and risks.

We understand how challenging it is to create, promote and manage a social program. We also understand how hard it is to deliver service to your customers and grow your business. This is why we offer you a simple solution that provides you all of the benefits of cause marketing without any of the hassle or the cost.

So you can focus on what you do best and impact your community at the same time.

Build better relationships automatically.