We offer opportunities to invest into several categories starting in February 2017:

  • empowering women
  • education
  • health and wellness
  • sustainable products and fair trade
  • small business finance
  • micro finance
  • financial inclusion.

We have upcoming opportunities for family offices, institutions, government entities, foundations, and individuals who share our values to join us #investinwomen




We are creating a pipeline of deals offering proof of social impacts and outcomes, offer real time data on business and investment performance with opportunities for exits and the return of capital. Our investment partners will share in the value created and benefit from social impact and goodwill. Diversify your investments with impact. 

As part of our platform goal of offering impact opportunities to everyone, we have invested a lot of time designing easier ways for family offices, foundations, capital managers and individuals to use their expertise and resources to contribute to our shared values.  We understand the limitations of the grantor/grantee model on accessing the capital and talent we need to succeed in our mission. We choose instead to offer vehicles with social value and solid returns to our partners who expect a return of capital so that they may choose to reinvest with us or in other worthy investments. 

Contact us to discuss opportunities investinwomen@lovetrees.org