Hello. We want to welcome you to our platform. Thank you for finding us and taking action. Our mission is to remove barriers and we’d like to start our relationship out by removing some for you. Just follow each step below and see how easy it is.

Tens of thousands of women apply for access to our platform every year. You are receiving this notice because our admissions board is offering you the opportunity to participate on our platform. Joining this platform gives you access to everything you need to get started and build your business as far as you want to take it. With so many people waiting, you must take action quickly to secure your access. If you change your mind later, that's ok. There is no risk.  Just follow each step and we will get you confirmed as fast as we can.

You’ve either told us you’re looking for a new business opportunity or have never done business before. Either way, setting up and maintaining your own business is the only way for our platform to be of use to you. We understand this is one of the most challenging steps to navigate because there's so many options and considerations, legal and otherwise. Our plan is to get you started as quickly as possible and start building from there. From what you've told us so far, we have identified an opportunity that fits your interests, budget and lifestyle. In order to get started, all we require is for you to accept the terms on the next page. Our terms and conditions are designed to make this experience as simple and as productive as possible for you. 

Lovetrees provides a platform for women at every level from beginner to mentor to be able to build the relationships they need to succeed.  Consider our platform as access to your very own on-demand mentors, business relationships, educational opportunities and so much more. We  always keep on adding more resources for you to use and share so please use this platform to the fullest and let us know how we can help you better. We want you to succeed and we need your feedback. 

We need your permission to authorize the release of your contact information to our partner who will explain your opportunities, discuss any materials you may need and complete all the steps that we need to get you confirmed. After you’ve secured your place, we will send you confirmation and introduce you to our platform and begin your orientation process.