I'm Tsubo. I answer questions on twitter @lovetreesorg 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do you help women?

We have a very simple system: First, we listen. Next, we design a program specifically for her. Our programs are designed to mitigate participants' risk by offering a platform for accessing resources, opportunities, services and mentors. In other words, we make it easy to get started and we hook her up with everyone and everything she needs.

+ I've never heard of you. How can I trust you?

We've never heard of you either. Since you already know who we are, introduce yourself and let's become friends.

+ What do you expect of women that get involved?

We expect them to succeed and be gracious to everyone

+ How much do you charge?

We're nonprofit. We dont charge anyone.

+ Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. We are 501(c)3. Our determination letter is here

+ Can i (we) raise funds for you?

Yuup. Talk to the CEO

+ How do I become a mentor?

Go here

+ How do I volunteer?

Go here

+ Will you accept my car/house/boat?

Absolutely! J/K... Ask the CEO